Prosecco, No?

Sourced from Prosecco1754 our product on tap is Frizzante, a gentle sparkling wine produced in Italy. Although from the same classification as Prosecco, Prosecco can only be marketed in traditional glass bottles, so our chosen product to serve by the pump is Frizzante. Both sourced from Italy and created from the Glera Grape – the same grape which produces Prosecco, our Frizzante is chilled and served to perfection.

Estrella Damm. Representing another part of Europe, our chosen Beer to serve chilled to you and your guests is the Spanish brewed Estrella Damm. A luxury Golden lager with a smooth pour and rich and creamy head. This flagship beer is a light and refreshing beverage ideal for all occasions.

The award winning UK brand Funkin Cocktails works with the Top Mixologists across the UK and Internationally to produce the tastiest, highest quality cocktails possible.

Sip Stop are partnering with Funkin Cocktails to serve you a range of popular cocktails and the most delicious fruit purees to “Pimp your Drink!”